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Good morning,

Last night was one of those nights where up I woke up before 2am and didn't want to sleep anymore because I wanted to paint. Do you ever do that?
Here's a glimpse of the new series I have begun this week which involves graphite, watercolor and pinholes on 12 x 15 inch paper. I find in January {as I recall the work I did this time last year} I make soft, open & abstract work. Hmmm, something I probably should investigate. Or not.

I'm also thrilled with our new noticing which began last evening!! We'd love for you to go see & let us know what you think.

There seems to be a number of other projects beginning as well. One I'm really excited about will have to wait until Monday!
But two new collaborations were announced yesterday :
} Abby and Chelsea's new project print + press.
} Shanna and Betsy will launch a wedding line this spring.
Yes, surprises await.

Also I'm pretty much loving all of Rachel's film and Hasselblad shots right now. Like {*} , {*} & {*}.

Alright, I'm off to paint my dreams. Have a nice end to your week!