the good list

Hi there,

First, thank you, to each of you for taking time to comment and cheer about the book progress. It's so nice of you, and I really appreciate hearing your voice and interest about this project. It's truly encouraging to me!

Yesterday I hit a point where the high humidity just started to get to me, I was getting grouchy, thinking why do I always have to live someplace where it's so humid? Anyway, internal rants aside, I told myself to snap out of it. It helped me to write a list, "the good list" of specific things about the day that were good, that made me feel positive, for which I could be thankful. Here's a select few:
* make a loaf of bread
* hug (or smooch!) someone you love
* be an encourager
* be honest
* buy yourself a little treat (yesterday's treat- French mint soap)
* read something inspiring
* listen for the quiet sounds under the noise (like the sound of your cats crunching their food)
* look up to the sky and say thank you
* say thank you again
* wear your favorite color (yesterday black, today purple)
* wear lip gloss
* cross something off your to-do list and feel good about the accomplishment, even if it is small
* remember a loved one who is no longer with you
* go for a bike ride
* say hello and smile to everyone you pass

Now if I could be in the habit of journaling a list each day!

. . . . .

Here's a nice "In the home studio" interview with Stephanie.

And lastly, we're sharing memories of our grandparents with Shanna this week as she spends precious time with her grandfather. I share about my grandmother on her blog today.

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