studio joy

Hi to you,

A while back I mentioned I wanted to do some kind of online sketchbook on my website. Then right after that, echoes was born from the minds of Rachel & Emily, fulfilling our desire to make something every day. Thanks ladies! So the studio journal is a collection of images from the day, working in the studio.

Yesterday my studio was featured on Poppytalk as part of the PHM Studio Spaces series! Yay! I was thrilled to see the hard work that my husband has done to build the studio shared there. Thanks so much Jan, it means alot to me!

If you can't stick your toes in the sand today, go check out Rachel's new 'home and away' series of photos in her shop to get a taste of the beach. And even if you can, go check them out anyway.

Do you have any news you'd like to share today?

Thank you for being you,