some light

top} "little september bloom", image size 2.25in. x 2.25in, paper size 5in. x 5in., pinholes on paper. | lower} "rooted in the HOPE of a new day", pinholes on paper, image size 2.5in. x 2.5in., paper size 5in. x 5 in.

Good morning!

How are you today? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about autumn, I am enjoying hearing what you love about this season. Yesterday I really appreciated the blue skies of September and as Alicia calls it, the "sideways" evening light.

I want to share a few things :
> There's an interview here with me today, at the super sweet Melissa Loves blog, which, as you know, is part of Creature Comforts. Thank you so much Melissa & Ez!!
> Recently, Dave a local graphic designer and acquaintance of ours dropped by my studio for a visit, and took lots of photos. He shares them here.
> We posted a new echoes collection yesterday, Tuesday.
> I updated the shop last night with some brand new pinhole work.

Today, some light. And tomorrow, some more colors and tones of autumn. And Friday I'll give a sneak peek of my work for the PEER collaboration.

Have a great day today!