Hello to you and hello Monday,

Here are a couple photos from our drive back through Kansas Saturday morning after visiting my husband's family for Thanksgiving. It was sunny and then suddenly it was incredibly dense and hazy for a few minutes. The railroad tracks {seen in bottom photo} run alongside this road.

Today is a teaching day {I teach arts-based preschool at the Lawrence Arts Center}. We will be walking with the preschoolers to see the Festival of Trees. Every year the children make a tree and ornaments; there is always lots of color and glitter involved. The festival is held downtown at historic Liberty Hall with an auction later in the week to raise funds for The Shelter. Lots of people, businesses, groups, and organizations make and donate trees for this event. Seeing a theatre filled with decorated trees and hearing lots of children always gets my spirit ready for Christmas.

: I always enjoy Bibbi's landscape photos, they are beautiful and other-worldly.

: And please go see the amazing progress Helle is making on the rubbish vortex crocheted plastic bag project.

have a good one,

return from Thanksgiving

Hello friends and family,

How are you? I hope you all have had a good weekend and if you celebrated Thanksgiving I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends.

We just returned yesterday from visiting with my husband's family. We were able to see some of his close family and dear, long-time friends. On Thanksgiving day, one of the people we had dinner with was his maternal grandmother who is 95 years young and still enjoys a game of "upwords", which we played. I took a couple photos of her room in the photo above. We had another Thanksgiving meal on Friday with some more family and friends, another delightful day. Friday night we had a beautiful little snow.

Tomorrow I will share a few photos of the snowy landscape during our drive back.
I look forward to catching up with all of you in the next couple days.

I hope you're well!

Sunday drive

      it was just a beautiful day for a little drive outside of town.

      and to see something unexpected along the way...

When I drove across the bridge Friday afternoon I saw people stringing these bras to the railing and wished I had my camera! Today on our drive I had my camera with me.

"Instead of using pink ribbons, a few Lawrence organizations decided to use bras to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. More than 800 donated bras were hung across the railing on the Kansas River Bridge at Sixth and Massachusetts streets."
piece written by Erin Castaneda, October 27, 2007. full article bras across the kaw

...and I thought it was someone's art project at first.