a pillow, a doily, pinholes & no. 100

It's Monday and it's my 100th post here! {silent cheer}

I want to show you a couple things I was drawn to while in Chicago and find inspiring. What do you find inspiring?
: ceramic pillow, The Art Institute of Chicago.
:: antique doily, from the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, Chicago Cultural Center.
::: pieces of Mama's letters, pg. 4, pinholes on paper, 6in. x 8in., matted size 12in. x 14in. View one matted. Available now, here, at artstream.

Artstream has been updating their online shop and it looks so good! Go see for yourself! And while you're there, find something lovely for your special someone{s} this holiday season!

Tuesday I want to share with you another recipe. This one will be a recipe of a vegetarian dish that I have made to take for Thanksgiving dinner the past couple years, and plan to take again this week.
Have a great day {today is my only day to teach this week, the rest is Thanksgiving vacation}!

postscript: Thank you Kathleen, Julie and Gretchen for telling us more about yourselves.
Bibbi has a nice post today, as she truly always does, everyday life.